Resources for Parents and  Teachers

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This page has been developed to provide a number of resources to parents, family members, and educators. We do not recommend one resource over the other in terms of quality. We are always open to recommendations on other resources that families and educators have found helpful. 

Books about Dyslexia

There are dozens of quality text about dyslexia available on the market. Click the image below for a list of resources that we have found.

Open Notebook

Ideas for Accomodations

These are some accommodations/modifications that might be used in the classroom. Teachers, click on the images below for course/content specific ideas.


-Present small amounts of new information at one time

-Relate new information to previously taught, related information

-Use multisensory techniques; demonstrate; use visual clues

-Follow a practice hierarchy; teacher models, demonstrates; teacher guides practice with the group; teacher guides practice with partners; teacher guides practice with individuals; then independent practice.

-Reduce paper/pencil tasks

-Avoid penalizing for spelling errors, reversals, etc.


-Do not require student to read aloud

-Omit assignments requiring copying in a timed situation

-Allow student to copy from a book or paper rather than the board

-Post visual reminders and/or examples

-Allow student more time to think

-Encourage student to ask questions

-Evaluate oral performance more than written


-Give directions in small steps, one at a time.

-Read written directions to students, then model/demonstrate

-Accompany oral directions with visual clues

-Ask student to repeat; make sure she/he understands


-Reduce reading assignments

-Assign only independent practice; provide written directions and/or examples

-Accept work dictated by student to a parent/tutor

-Reduce written work assignments

-Allow student to record or type assignments


-Provide textbooks with highlighted text

-Provide study guides; emphasize critical points

-Provide manipulatives, matrix charts

-Allow student to copy notes of a study buddy

-Allow student to use a calculator

-Allow student to tape record lectures and test reviews

-Allow student to use a computer

-Provide peer tutoring


-Teach notebook organization

-Break assignments into small steps

-Help student schedule long-term assignments

-Provide study sheets to organize materials and check review for correct answers


-Vary types of tests: multiple choice, true/false, oral presentation, demonstration, models

-Avoid essay tests; allow short answers

-Read test to student

-Allow student to respond orally

-Provide one-on-one testing

-Avoid timed testing

Compiled by Margaret T. Smith. 1994. Permission to duplicate granted

Teacher and Pupil

Well -Known Orton Gillingham Curriculums

These are the most well-known Orton-Gillingham based systems. See the list of programs to the right.

Dyslexia Font

OpenDyslexic is a typeface designed to overcome some common struggles dyslexics face with reading text. The letters are designed to help distinguish the different letters. This is a free download from Click the image to watch a video about different fonts.

Check it out:



Barton Reading and Spelling System

Designed for one-on-one tutoring of children, teenagers and adults by parents, volunteer tutors, reading or resource specialists or their aides, and professional tutors. The Barton System is the easiest one to learn because all of the tutor training comes on DVD, along with fully scripted lesson plans and free unlimited support.


Published by Bright Solutions for Dyslexia in California. 408-559-3652


Orton Gillingham Program

The pure, unchanged, original method. Taught by Eileen Faggiano,

Orton Gillingham Associates, in Massachusetts.




Wilson Reading Program 

Wilson Language Training Corporation; Massachusetts. 800-899-8454 


Sound in Syllables

Developed by Sandra Dillon, Director of the Multisensory Language Training Institute of New Mexico, Sounds In Syllables (SIS) is the most powerful Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading (decoding, fluency, and comprehension), spelling, writing, and the foundations of syntax and grammar.

Typing Programs

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